Welcome to Gamesyouloved.com

Welcome to Gamesyouloved.com

GamesYouLoved want to create a world where retro games of every description unlock your memories and open up nostalgic thoughts of childhood memories of good times!

Our mission is to bring people together in a worldwide community of retrogaming fans.

Searching the site for your favourite games, consoles & computers:

On this site you can find many of your favourite consoles, micro computers, handhelds and a whole host of retro games titles.


Use our "SEARCH" button at the top of this page to look directly for game titles, gaming console or computer names or even famous game brands like SEGA, Commodore or Nintendo and others more.

On these game review pages you can read, watch with video gameplays and reviews to relive all the good times you had by browsing our reviews section - or simpy press the PINK RANDOMISER! button at the top of the page here to get a random game from the site database which is growing with hundreds of games already in place.  

We cover all sectors of gaming, ranging from beloved arcade machines, consoles, microcomputers and handheld gaming -  through to Pinball and traditional board games.

You can even submit your own game reviews which we can publish on the site. This can be done quickly and easily using our submit forms! We will credit you on these reviews and push them out to our massive social media areas on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram

A large part of the site is based on hardware and console overviews - as well as other types of gaming. Our suggestion is START in the Arcade section here and look through it at your leisure - but by all means dip around at your leisure.

News & Blog

We have a ever growing News and Blog section to the website - where you will find entertaining articles and lastest news in the retrogaming world including insightful stories from all eras of gaming on many subjects. This can be found here: News & Blog 

If you want to be part of our writing team we would love you to join! Please have a read of how this works in this section: How to become a games writer for GamesYouLoved

Other areas of the site

Use the menu to navigate the site as you wish and please enjoy your experience here! The other areas of the site contains a host of other content such as (click the quick links below to see directly):

- Videos
- News
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We also cover gaming events up and down the UK and sometimes beyond and on our pages you can keep an eye out for competitions and some mega cool prizes and maybe tickets to some of these events. Best thing here is follow us on our social channels to get regular updates.  We try to cover all these events in some way and bring you images and video (via our Youtube channel).

Play Expo Manchester - Event Overview:
We also specialise in promoting and marketing Kickstarter campaigns and events, we have had many successful projects which we have supported. To date these have generated well over £750,000 for Kickstarter authors we have supported. So if you have gaming related product (book,video,game or piece of hardware) or an event that needs help - contact us and we may be able to help to support it to become a massive Kickstarter success.

Read about our track record in Kickstarters here: Kickstarter Testimonials

Finally - the important to say is that we are passionate gamers who support the gaming community, so we are here for you to post, review, video and share your gaming loves, experiences and memories!  

So....go on Insert your coin, press start here and take a journey into your gaming memories!

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